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6 Things to Get Ready for Automated Lead Gen, Recruiters!


​On average it takes a minimum of 6 engagements before a lead is ready for a chat. But 80% of recruiters give up after 3!

Here are my 6 ideas to help you weaponise Bullhorn Automation's integration with Bullhorn Leads and drive your sales pipeline harder and smarter.

​Get More Sales!

My clients know that there’s more to automation than email marketing. Automation should drive the entire recruitment lifecycle…

"Get more sales" is at the top of most leaders’ to-do lists, so it’s time to get more leads - and automation is the key!

The ideal scenario is to provide your recruiters with warm and engaged leads who are ready to speak to them. Ideally, you’ll be generating a list of clients who you have prompted to request a call back.

  • Do you use Bullhorn Leads to map your markets and track how well you’re penetrating said markets?

  • Or do you use Leads to quickly identify Candidates in your market, who you believe are actively looking and want to reach out to?

The Bullhorn Automation Leads integration helps you automate communications needed to engage and convert.

As with all automations, you need to ensure Bullhorn is ready, ensure your team is ready, and ensure your automation journeys are streamlined and designed to deliver real ROI.

6 Steps to Get Ready for Automated Lead Generation and More Sales!

Here are our top tips to help you get prepared.

  1. Check! Is your Bullhorn Leads entity ready for your business to use? Do you have all the relevant fields available? Are there any special Notes that need creating to track engagement?

  2. Map! Detail the Leads workflow steps you want to progress a lead. This will help you build automations to track your leads.

  3. Train! Ensure you have trained your recruiters on how to engage with Bullhorn Leads. Educate your recruiters to add, track, and remove leads consistently. You need your automations to work! Recruitment HIIT users - check out this Bullhorn leads training video to help you review what good practice looks like. (Not a HIIT user? Click here to start your free trial of our recruitment training platform.)

  4. Data! Get your data ready. You probably have some data already in various states of readiness. Review your historic data, cleanse what you can, and archive what you don’t need.

  5. Content! Has your Marketing function got relevant content and templates ready in Bullhorn Automation? Marketing journeys typically need content to drip feed to your Leads. Identify what you need. Collate what you have. Spot the content gaps and fill them to ensure speedy automation go live”.

  6. Contact us if you need help with automated lead gen, or you need to turbo your recruitment business with recruitment automation via our Automation Buddy program.

Improve Performance

We’re super excited about engaging leads with automation. It allows recruitment leaders and their recruiters to focus on Business Development and improve performance, productivity, and sustainability.

How are you getting on with automation? Are you maximising your ROI, or do you need support?

Read our case studies about what other recruiters have achieved through automation.

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​Automation Buddy

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