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How to Use Awards for Sourcing and Selling


We’re passionate about recruitment awards! And we're passionate about recruiters having easy wins to help them generate more speed and pipeline.

But you needn't enter an award to generate serious ROI. Instead you could focus your time and attention on the awards that your clients and candidates enter, and simply mining candidates and leads from them.

Tips for Sourcing and Selling with Awards

Now more than ever, your sales (business development and account management) and sourcing strategies are crucial where the war for talent is raging, counter offers are rife, and clients need recruiters that they can trust, who understand their niche.

Recruiters and resourcers need some easy (and smart) wins! By definition, clients that are entering awards tend to be high-growth, ambitious, and likely have money and time to spend on recruitment too!

Spot the Lead. Nurture the Sale

So, use industry awards to spot the lead and nurture the opportunity.

1.     Speedily research which awards are prevalent in your niche sectors.

2.     Plot the dates into your diaries (the submission dates, shortlist dates, date of the event, day after the event).

3.     Make a noise, connect with the VIPs, shout out about these events - they are important to your niche sectors.

4.     Use this data by at least sending LinkedIn messages to the VIPs of these businesses when they are shortlisted, and then begin networking using your CRM and automation.

5.     Have targets and goals to convert these high-growth businesses into retained clients.

Clients entering awards are "sure things" - be sure to have them in your BD and account management pipeline.

Plus, which candidates are signposted in these awards? Who can you source?

Which Awards Should You Source and Generate Leads From?

When it comes to point 1 above think about how you can easily find the awards in your sector. You can:

  1. Search Google - eg. "Teaching Awards France".

  2. Check the trade bodies in your sector - they often host awards.

  3. Ask your candidates and clients. It's a great topic to chat with them about and often a great excuse to call them other than "want a job?" / "need a candidate"? Every recruiter needs an excuse to make a call.

  4. Map your personas - we have some great training on Recruitment HIIT to help you map out the personas of your ideal candidates and clients so you can source and sell quicker and easier.

  5. Plus there are websites which list the awards for you. For example, UK Industry awards list makes finding sector-specific awards a breeze!

Easy Sourcing and Selling

Selling needn't be about phone-bashing. Sourcing needn't be the average 13 hours a week trying to find (and convert) candidates. Recruitment can be easier if you're smart.

The sourcing and selling tips above will help you understand your nice, generate leads, and also convert them into genuinely warm candidates and clients.

These tips will also give you viable reasons to talk with authority online and on the phone - and thus attract more attention from your sector.


  1. Get mapping your sector awards.

  2. Get sourcing and selling!

Good luck!

​Recruitment Training

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