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Bullhorn Tip - Organisation Charts for Smart Account Management


​We have a smart account management (and BD) 1-minute tip to use Bullhorn to drive and secure your sales pipeline.

Plus, if you have automation, it will enable a turbo-boosted approach to networking and driving a more efficient and profitable desk.

Organise Your Real and Ideal Contacts

Bullhorn's company organisational charts feature allows you to map out your clients, real and prospect, so you can:

  1. Network the organisation not just the contact - it's risky when you have just 1 relationship. People move about a lot!

  2. Create battle plans to drive more sales. Who else can you get jobs from?

  3. Thus opening up new opportunities and securing your relationships.

What a cute recruitment tip and Bullhorn tip!!

Watch this 1-minute Bullhorn tip - then log in to Bullhorn and check each of your key accounts - have you mapped them fully so you're managing the account and not just the contact?

Plus, your prospects, how mapped are they? Have you exploited the organisational charts feature to help with BD?

Watch My 1-Minute Bullhorn Tip to Help You Map Your Contacts

Need more LinkedIn / Bullhorn / Automation / Recruitment Tips? Try our 1-minute tips.

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​Bullhorn ROI + Trained Happy Recruiters = More Sales

We pride ourselves on helping recruitment leaders achieve Bullhorn ROI. We create a Bullhorn1st vision, reduce the need for other tech, optimise Bullhorn, automate their sales-prevention processes and data, and train recruiters to trust it and use it.



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