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Bullhorn Tip - Sell What Your Contacts Desire


​We​'ve got a desirable Bullhorn 1-minute tip to help you easily sell more candidates to your clients.

We know that BD is a critical recruitment task, but often you have too many options to help you sell more - it can be paralysing!

This tip will help you speedily match candidates to clients, so your sales time is targeted and effective.

Sell what Your Contacts Desire!

If you "work" Bullhorn so that it knows the skills that your contacts need, you can source candidates that they want to buy!


So - rather than trying to generate loads of cold leads which may be hard to convert, instead you could be calling lots of warm clients who need what you have!

Isn't that what being a recruitment consultant is all about?

Watch this 1-minute Bullhorn tip - then log in to Bullhorn and ensure that your sales contacts are coded up to allow you to speedily match them to your candidates.

Watch My 1-Minute Bullhorn Tip to Help You Sell What Your Clients Desire

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