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Source, Advertise, Shortlist Like a Pro


Are you average? The average recruiter spends 13 hours a week sourcing candidates. That’s way too much time, especially when the best candidates are off the market within 10 days.

Our Recruiter Fitness Circuit on Recruitment HIIT will show you how to source the best candidates quickly using an effective, structured recruitment process so you can attract, engage and place candidates before they are snatched up by your competition, and even your cllients!

Candidate Sourcing: Start With Your CRMFirst

Great recruiters don’t spend time sourcing in the wrong places. You need to be using your CRM as the first point for sourcing. We call this CRMFirst.

72% of candidates are already on your CRM before you source them elsewhere. We encounter too many recruiters who advertise jobs when they have candidates right under their noses – what a waste of time and potential fees, and waste of cash on systems and job boards you don't need!

  • Are you wasting time sourcing candidates that perhaps are already on your CRM?

  • Do you need to generate more phone time?

  • Are you spending time advertising jobs you already have candidates for?

Our Recruiter Fitness Circuit HIIT will show you how to:

  • Dramatically reduce your sourcing time,

  • Strengthen your pipeline and

  • Increase your fees.

Below is a sneak peek from Recruitment HIIT to show you how you can drive a speedy, effective sourcing strategy.

Our Step-by-Step Sourcing Tips for New and Experienced Recruiters

During our sourcing training we train recruiters and resourcers to:

  1. Be prepped to source speedily.

  2. Source from your CRM first.

  3. Use sourcing tech to attack your own data, and data you do not have (yet).

  4. Then search the web for candidates you genuinely do not already have.

And all the while focussing on sourcing before advertising, improving speed, and protecting your candidate and client relationships.

Improving Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment requires speed, skill, and process. When managed correctly, recruitment is a fun, rewarding process. Yet, numerous systems, crazy volumes of data, and candidates and clients with their own agendas and goals can make the recruitment process a challenge.

Our new Recruiter Fitness Circuit on Recruitment HIIT has tips and guides to ensure you drive the 4Cs - candidiates, clients, colleagues, and cash! Our recruiting tips will make sure you save time and follow best practice throughout your recruitment process from the point you receive a job order to securing your placement, and beyond.

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT- helps recruiters and resourcers source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines. We aim to save every recruiter and resourcer at least 1 hour per day (6 working weeks a year). More billing time, more fees!

We’d love you to try Recruitment HIIT free.




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