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How Can Recruiters Get More Time on the Phone (and use LinkedIn Less?)


Recruiters, if 82% of your prospects can be reached via social media, but you’re likely really busy advertising jobs, screening, managing your accounts, you need some tips to help you speedily use social media for BD and recruitment.

We have some great sales and recruitment tips on our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT.  

How Can Recruiters Use Social Media to Sell and Recruit?

Inbound Sales tips for recruiters are often littered with “long haul” tips which the average recruiter has no time for.  Now, more than ever, recruiters are time starved, marketers are desperately trying to add significant value to their recruitment businesses, and candidates and clients need more specialist and speedy help.

You need a simple and effective inbound sales process to help you sell and recruit:

  • You need more convertible leads,

  • You need better quality candidates to apply for your jobs

  • You need tips to help you manage your clients beyond the first sale – account management.

Our Inbound (and LinkedIn HIIT) shows recruiters, resourcers, and their marketers how to:

  • Attract candidates and clients whilst you sleep.

  • Reduce the time you spend sourcing by up to 50%.

  • Get back on the phone so you can focus on converting and keeping your candidates and clients. 

Oh! AND we have some fabulous Hintro and Hinterview tips to help you add some turbo (and video) to your sales and recruitment workflow.

Watch Lisa's Pep Talk About Inbound Sales and What's in It for You

Christopher Slade, Executive Integrity. I now have more time to run my recruitment business, and hire! Because of Recruitment HIIT, when we hire someone, the pressure is off of me and my business partner to do all of the training. It’s a lot less stressful. New starters are onboarded a lot quicker.

The Coolest Recruitment Tool is the Recruiter

Our high intensity interval training -  Recruitment HIIT- helps recruiters and resourcers source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines. We aim to save every recruiter and resourcer at least 1 hour per day (6 working weeks a year)- more billing time, more fees!

We’d love you to try Recruitment HIIT for free.




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