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Automation Tip - Protect Your Contacts and Sales


I've got an awesome 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip to help you protect your candidate and client data, and thus relationships and sales.

Nurturing ​relationships is key to your recruitment process, but what happens to your valuable candidate and client relationships when a recruiter leaves your business?

Ideally, these contacts should be reassigned.

But this isn't something that I see actioned often enough. Relationships go stale and you miss vital opportunities and easy wins are lost!

Your crucial contacts could eventually get forgotten. This ultimately impacts your recruiters' productivity and sales revenue.

An Awesome Automation Tip to ID and Reassign Your Candidates and Contacts

I'm going to show you an awesome Bullhorn Automation tip that will help you identify valuable relationships, so you can reassign them and work them!

You need to easily spot and reassign those contacts to another recruiter who can continue to manage, build, and monetise these relationships.

  • This tip is great for business development.

  • It's awesome for account management.

  • And, you use this to update your historic data, as well as your future data as well.

Watch my 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip. Then spend a few minutes IDing your lapsed relationships and reassigning to recruiters who are hungry to manage them.

Watch My Bullhorn Automation Tip on How to ID and Reassign Candidates and Contacts

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