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Social Media Tips to Help Recruiters Earn More


Recruiters suffer so many distractions in their jobs - and they have so little time to make that placement and sale. 56 interruptions a day / checking your emails 36 times an hour! How on earth are you supposed to sell anything?

You have more tech than ever, more data than ever, but less time! I have a passion for sharing time-saving and sales hacks to help recruiters save time, so that you can make more of those crucial phone calls and have more interviews.

As a recruiter, you will know the importance of using social media as part of your recruitment strategy, but do you know how to do this effectively? And how can you use social media systems like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… to recruit without spending too much time online and not on the phone? This blog will help you to generate more inbound leads through social media, spend less time on job boards, and more time managing your pipeline.

I am the founder of Barclay Jones, have worked in recruitment for nearly 20 years and coach recruitment businesses and their teams to generate better leads, opportunities, and sales. I have compiled my 5 top tips for utilising social media in recruitment. Read them below:

How Recruiters Can Generate More Leads from Social Media

1. Spend 5 minutes a day cleaning your LinkedIn notifications and checking for leads – this will ensure that LinkedIn only shows you genuine leads, and only shows your face to genuine leads. This is a great hack for improving speed.

2. Use LinkedIn SSI to understand where you need to improve your LinkedIn profile – You need to maximise your time, so need your profile and activity to really work, even whilst you’re sleeping.

3. This is one of my favourites. Use Awards in your niche sector to generate warm calls – Have a calendar of the awards in your sector and be ready to congratulate/mention the awards in your messages to prospects and clients.

4. Grow your connections with content (add a link to one of your blogs in your LinkedIn invites) or find content online which really nails any issues they may have in their jobs/sector. If you have nothing on your blog which does this, give your marketer the Paddington Bear stare.

5. Use Calendly to give your candidates and clients the opportunity to fill your diary with calls, then get on the phone!

Your time is really precious – you have candidates to source, clients to keep happy, jobs to place, and pipelines to protect. The recruiter tips above should really speed up your day and make you more effective. What tips do you have for using social media to recruit and sell?​

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