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Our Rec Tech Training Helped Corecom Implement Their CRM...

Corecom understood that many new recruitment businesses sign up for recruitment technology with limited knowledge and understanding of exactly what is needed to deliver a complex change management program.  The directors were very mindful of the need to bring an experienced recruitment CRM specialist, who would help them map out their project, bring the project team together and give them clear guidance of the immediate next steps that they need to focus on.

Barclay Jones ran a workshop to review the current project objectives, map out a high-level project plan, assign team roles, set an overarching project budget and allow the project team to focus on the immediate priorities to ensure project success.

The project team and wider business are now more aware of the requirements for delivering a successful CRM upgrade project, roles are defined and they are focused on urgent and critical tasks.

They then decided to implement Talent Rover in the business. They were impressed with our structured approach, and asked Barclay Jones to run the project so they could focus on day-to-day activities and growing their recruitment business. We help them understand the phases of the project, advised on the detailed roles, responsibilities and project setup to ensure a successful implementation.

Barclay Jones Have Helped Our Recruiters Drive Growth...

Jonathan Sanderson, Corecom Consulting

I am expanding my recruitment business and I wanted to migrate from our recruitment CRM to Talent Rover to help me drive growth.

I knew that there would have been a risk of procrastination. I am impatient, as are my team of recruiters. We knew that we could change recruitment CRM ourselves by doing it “quick and dirty” but knew it would in reality not be quick, would perhaps have been very time-consuming, and likely not completed. Momentum is crucial.

I’d seen a few seminars with Barclay Jones and understood their approach and value.

I asked them to deliver a CRM Discovery Workshop as I wanted to decide if running the project was something that we could do on our own, or would we need a third party?

I also had to weigh up the cost of the project against my team being stretched with implementing Talent Rover.

Wayne looked at what we needed and advised on the speediest program of change. I have now engaged Barclay Jones to help my team implement Talent Rover.

If I had to describe my experience of working with Barclay Jones?

They “opened my eyes” and reminded me why this project was so important to my business.