Leia's Recruitment Story

general leia 1 barclay jones
general leia 2 barclay jones
general leia 3 barclay jones
general leia 4 barclay jones

As a puppy I realised that jumping on Solo‘s face was the only way to get that Nerf Herder under control!

Yep, I have been a Princess.  I’ve been kissed by many men, even my brother (!)

Recently, promoted to “General” I am now at Barclay Jones.  I’m here to keep things in order (including The Force!)

Would you believe, that there’s a Luke Skywalker at Barclay Jones?

To be fair, everyone here is a Jedi – they need to be to work in Recruitment!  It’s a crazy world, full of dark forces!

The rest of my Jedi crew are award-winning leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry.

We use The Force to make recruiters more successful. Woof!

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! Find out more here.