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Bullhorn Recruitment CRM Support and Training

Create a “Bullhorn First” Culture in your Recruitment Business

It’s a great investment to have Bullhorn Recruitment software in your business. You need to be sure that your staff adopt and engage with it and it delivers a return on this investment (ROI). You want your Bullhorn CRM to be your first system for sourcing, nurturing and placing.  You want it to be a USP.

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The Best Bullhorn CRM Training

The Barclay Jones team have been implementing and training Bullhorn systems since 2011.  We are proud to be Bullhorn’s only global training partner. Recruiters love our Bullhorn training – read their case studies.

Bullhorn asked us to work with Barclay Jones and I’m glad that they did!  We now have a greater understanding of Bullhorn. It was a positive, appropriate and well-received experience.

Our Bullhorn trainers deliver:

  • Go Live training Refresher training
  • Management and Leader training
  • One to One training
  • Floorwalking and Q&As Induction training

We deliver Bullhorn training on-site or via webinar which includes:

  • Effective Sourcing for Candidates and Clients
  • Building a Pipeline with Leads
  • Recruitment Workflows
  • Increase Performance with Dashboards and Reports
  • Management Information Reports

Create a CRMFirst culture. Improve adoption, speed, delivery and ROI.

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Implement Bullhorn Expertly

We have worked with Bullhorn since 2011 and implemented / upgraded / improved many Bullhorn recruitment CRM systems.

Our goal is to create a BullhornFirst culture for recruiters. We work with recruiters to make make Bullhorn “first” in their sourcing, lead generation, candidate nurturing and recruiter retention. Don’t you want your clients, candidates and recruiters to use you (and your CRM) first?

Recruiters value our expert and impartial approach – read their case studies.

I needed to get Bullhorn into my business on time and on budget with no interruptions. Had we not had Barclay Jones in the business, I know that we would not have delivered it on time.

You want your recruiters to engage with your Bullhorn investment:  to convert more leads, source talent faster, protect your pipeline, make more placements and be more profitable.

We work with recruitment and IT leaders to project manage and implement an effective Bullhorn Recruitment CRM – as a mentor, coach, and recruitment technology best practice advocate.

Create a CRMFirst culture. Improve adoption, speed, delivery and ROI.

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The BEST Bullhorn Training

We deliver the best recruitment training workshops. Our goal is to make recruiters more successful.

Our clients love our Job adverts training, Broadbean, LinkedIn for Recruiters, Twitter for Recruiters, Eshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training.

We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place. We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters and marketers generate leads, talent and recruiters.

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Listen to Peter Linas!

The team at Bullhorn are excited to work with Barclay Jones.

Bullhorn helps recruitment business grow faster and run more efficiently, and we know that Barclay Jones shares this goal for their clients. They live and breathe recruitment technology, and possess an industry-leading knowledge of social recruiting methods.

Barclay Jones’ passion for increasing efficiency via improved process and utilisation of the very best in CRM, combined with their unbiased nature, means they occupy a uniquely advantageous position to assist recruitment leaders in selecting the very best software for their business.

Pete Linas, International Managing Director – Bullhorn

Want to create a “Bullhorn First” Culture in your Recruitment Business?

We’d love to talk to you about how to implement Bullhorn into your business, how to ensure your team engages with the system and how to create a “CRM First” culture to help you improve speed, loyalty and profit.

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Recruiters Rate Us

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We are leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry.

  • "I liked the energy, enthusiasm and “we can do this” attitude that came from Lisa and her team, and how they analysed our business and checked our processes against the Bullhorn workflows."

    Luke Quinn, Imperative People
  • kevin-mcgrath-nes-global-talent-case-study

    "Our goal was to ensure that we were using Bullhorn effectively.  We approached Barclay Jones because we needed to find someone with proven competence in the delivery of Bullhorn best practice.    "

    Kevin McGrath, NES Global Talent
  • liz-prince-amiqus-games-case-study-bullhorn

    "I needed to get Bullhorn into Amiqus on time and on budget with no interruptions. Had we not had Barclay Jones in the business, I know that we would not have delivered it on time.  I would definitively recommend Barclay Jones."

    Liz Prince, Amiqus
  • nilesh-katwa-walker-hamill-case-study-bullhorn-training

    "Bullhorn asked us to work with Barclay Jones and I'm glad that they did!  Our teams have a much greater understanding of Bullhorn and feel engaged with the system. It was a positive, appropriate and well-received experience."

    Nilesh Katwa, Walker Hamill
  • pat-keogh-pro-recruitment-case-study-bullhorn-crm-linkedin-barclay-jones

    "Barclay Jones is on our wavelength and get what we are trying to achieve and more!  Being a recruitment specialist gives them a real advantage.  Call them well in advance of your projects - they get booked far in advance!"

    Pat Keogh, Pro-Recruitment
  • kate-allen-allen-associates-case-study-bullhorn-linkedin-broadbean

    "Candidate attraction, speedy processes and data are really important to us and we wanted Barclay Jones to help us ensure that our systems and processes were connected.  Barclay Jones has set us on the path to thinking more strategically"

    Kate Allen, Allen Associates
  • Jayne Lambis IPS Recruitment Bullhorn Case Study

    "Barclay Jones become part of your business and tackle your problems with commitment and integrity.  We now have a future-proof Bullhorn system which will aid the growth of our business and drive us forward."

    Jayne Lambis, IPS
  • matt-reaney-big-cloud-recruitment-bullhorn-training-linkedin-recruiters

    "Barclay Jones helped us with Bullhorn, digital marketing and LinkedIn ROI. They are practical whilst being strategic. They are up front, direct, honest.  They challenged our assumptions and made us think about our growth and strategy.  "

    Matt Reaney, Big Cloud
  • sam-broe-broadstone-resourcing-case-study-website-recruitment-bullhorn-training

    "Roles are being filled quicker and more efficiently.  The changes to our systems and processes have been planned so everything links seamlessly, meaning more time for recruiters to concentrate on doing what they do best – recruit!"

    Sam Broe, Broadstone Resourcing
  • joanna-stroud-stroud-resourcing-bullhorn-crm-training

    "I am confident that my team are using Bullhorn effectively and in a much better position to compete within the industry. My systems and processes are more joined up and I have in my business is in a much better state."

    Joanna Stroud, Stroud Resourcing
  • alan-feast-harris-global bullhorn case study

    "We were committed to partnering with a highly specialised team (Barclay Jones) who are well-versed in recruitment practice.  I now have a fit for purpose Bullhorn CRM which creates a great platform for a high performance team"

    Alan Feast, Harris global

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We are award-winning leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. We make recruiters more successful.

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