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Harris global

Bullhorn: ROI, Enterprise Implementation and Training

“I now have a fit for purpose Bullhorn CRM which creates a great platform for a high performance team”

Alan Feast, Director
Harris Global

How Did We Help?

We were asked by Harris global to help them achieve ROI from their recruitment technology. In order to achieve this we increased recruitment consultant CRM usage and improved the ways they were using the system.

The strategy behind this focused on clear data cleansing processes to help improve data quality, a thorough review of their Bullhorn CRM, workflows and processes to identify efficiency gains and remove ineffective tasks.

In addition we also delivered a focused recruitment training program to improve the knowledge of the Bullhorn software for the consultants. This involved a business process review, best practice advice, and documentation to ensure engagement and ROI.

We optimised Bullhorn and got recruiters engaged with the system and – this helped to reduce consultant administration and improved speed in the recruitment.

Wayne Barclay Jones Recruitment CRM Website Case Study
Wayne Barclay, Director
Barclay Jones

What is The ROI?

We decided that our growth strategy should be developed around taking raw talent and creating our team. This project was part of a wider and critical project for building a high performing team, employing a comprehensive blended learning program to make our recruiters as efficient and effective as possible.

Our overall philosophy is to give our employees access to the best Bullhorn training and toolset to make them as efficient and effective as possible and a crucial element of this work was to take us to the latest optimised Bullhorn release.

We were committed to partnering with a highly specialised team who are well-versed in recruitment practice. We approached Barclay Jones because we didn’t just want a bit of training – we needed someone who understood our business and could help drive our wider business goals.

It was absolutely clear that we shared the same mind-set and attitude in terms of how to get the team working.

They are a great sounding board and helped to define and execute the project well. We would have no hesitation in recommending them. My experience of working with them was enjoyable, highly effective and the fact they “lived through it” really added value.

I now have a fit for purpose CRM which creates a great platform for a high performance team engaging with the best systems; people are motivated to use Bullhorn and the effect on sales and customer satisfaction is measurable.

Alan Feast, Director
Harris Global

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