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Bullhorn: Recruitment Technology ROI, CRMFirst and Recruitment Training

“My team are all now using Bullhorn the way that I had wanted – the MCG Way. We all now know what we need to do to make our database as a weapon.”

Rahma Risilia, Managing Director

How Did We Help?

MCG&CO are a recruitment company connecting talented people with great businesses in the Communications & Digitech sectors. Operating in 4 countries across the world they work in partnership with many household names.

They had teams in different offices and time zones working in a variety of ways on their Bullhorn CRM system. Their team had experienced different levels of training and as a result data and processes were not consistent across the company; this lead to inaccurate reporting and difficulty when searching for records. Whilst engagement in the system was positive, MCG&CO were not using the Bullhorn CRM system as efficiently as they could and sourcing candidates became slow.

The key pain points were the need to code data accurately and consistently, reduce time spent sourcing, recycle candidates and improve communication with the candidate database.

We ran a series of interactive Bullhorn webinars tailored to the recruiters, covering key modules including Sourcing with Bullhorn, Time Management and the Vacancy Lifecycle. These modules helped address specific areas that were assessed as having room for improvement during our Training Needs Analysis prior to the webinars.

Following the recruitment training webinars, we consulted with management to ensure the training was being implemented to maximise ROI.

luke lynam recruitment trainer pngLuke Lynam, Recruitment Trainer
Barclay Jones

What Is the ROI?

Bullhorn recommended that we work with Barclay Jones because we wanted to develop a best practice approach to using Bullhorn. The team needed consistency in the way they used our CRM; we wanted to create the “MCG Way” in our business. We needed interviews and overall recruitment workflow managed and measured effectively.

Lisa Jones is a friendly lady who brightens up my day whenever we speak, whilst Luke really made the Bullhorn training interesting. You can genuinely see the passion and knowledge he has around recruitment technology. We liked that Luke was authentic – if he didn’t have the answer, he went away, found it out and responded very quickly outside the training.

My team are all now using Bullhorn the way that I had wanted – the MCG Way. We all now know what we need to do to make our recruitment database a weapon.

We now have the “why” behind the Bullhorn CRM – the training really demonstrated WHY we should use Bullhorn in a certain way. It’s not just a matter of me hammering home the message – my team understand what they need to do and why it’s beneficial to them and the business.

If I had to describe Barclay Jones in three words? Supportive, Knowledgeable, Success.

rahman risiliaRahman Risilia, Managing Director
MCG Associates

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