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Bullhorn ROI: Optimisation and Training

“I am confident that my team and I are using Bullhorn effectively and I feel in a much better position to compete within the industry.”

Joanna Stroud, Director
Stroud Resourcing

How Did We Help?

Stroud Resourcing is a specialist recruitment company with expertise in head hunting, database recruitment, talent spotting, social networking and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

The Directors at Stroud Resourcing wanted to review Bullhorn and their business processes.

We worked with the team to identify recruiting processes, and improvements that could be made to make their Bullhorn Recruitment CRM a valuable resourcing tool.

We ran a number of Bullhorn Training workshops to improve resourcing process, recruiting lifecycle, and reporting. We worked with Stroud Resourcing to neaten up the system to improve speed and process.  We ensured that all members of the team were following the same processes effectively, filled any knowledge gaps and improve engagement overall.  CRM ROI is key!

Wayne Barclay, Director
Barclay Jones

What Is the ROI?

We engaged Barclay Jones to provide Bullhorn training because I wanted to get ROI from my Recruitment CRM. I rate Barclay Jones very highly as the previous work provided by them helping us select a CRM system was great.

I liked the preparation that was carried out prior to the Bullhorn Training sessions taking place, they took time to review our system so already had a strong understanding of how we engaged with it. The trainer was also very engaging – able to train the group but also provide one-to-one help where needed.

I am confident that my team and I are using Bullhorn effectively and I feel in a much better position to compete within the industry. My systems and processes are more joined up and as a result the technology I have in my business is in a much better state.

If I had to describe Barclay Jones in three words I’d say: thorough, credible and knowledgeable. I would recommend Barclay Jones for enhancing the use of technology within any recruitment business.

Thanks for delivering some great sessions – lots of learning across the group and some very positive feedback from the directors. Some quick wins, plus some new ways of working!

Joanna Stroud, Director
Stroud Resourcing

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