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Broadbean Recruitment Software ROI

Broadbean Recruitment Software ROI

It’s a great investment to have Broadbean Recruitment software in your business. And it’s not just for posting jobs!  It can effectively tackle your sourcing and talent goals.  You need to be sure that your staff adopt and engage with it and it delivers a return on this investment (ROI). We have been working with recruitment leaders and marketers to ensure Broadbean ROI for nearly 15 years – Broadbean recommends it’s clients to us.

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Broadbean from the Experts

Change doesn’t happen simply because you buy new software. We implement the best recruitment processes and software solutions.  ROI is key!

Our clients tell us:

  • I want to reduce my job board costs
  • I want my recruiters to source and place talent quicker
  • I want to improve client and candidate conversion
  • I am frustrated with poor recruitment performance
  • I want to improve ROI from my Broadbean Software

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Broadbean Discoveries

  • We review your recruiter usage, and deliver change and ROI training
  • We improve speed and connectivity across job posting and CRM
  • We work with your leaders and marketers to reduce job board spend

Barclay Jones looked at our processes and workflows and helped us understand what we do.  They quickly identified that this was a massive bit of tech that we were not using correctly.

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The BEST Recruitment Training

We deliver the best recruiter training workshops.  Our goal is to make recruiters more successful.

Our clients love our Job adverts training, Broadbean, LinkedIn for Recruiters, Twitter for Recruiters, Eshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training.

We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place. We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters and marketers generate leads, talent and recruiters.

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Listen to Steve Barnhurst!

There is great synergy between Broadbean and Barclay Jones. I would recommend Barclay Jones to every recruitment leader.

Broadbean has a passion want to help recruiters be more efficient – we are global leaders in job advert distribution and candidate sourcing. But actually, we sell time, efficiency and facts. Barclay Jones share these goals in their mission to make recruiters more successful.

They “get” Broadbean, and because of their recruitment experience they not only get it as a product and how it can be used at “desk” level by recruiters and managers.

Barclay Jones consult with recruiters and understand their business. They understand what you have and help you understand what you could and should be considering to move your business forward.

Steve Barnhurst, EMEA Sales Director, Broadbean

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We are leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry.

  • brian-stahelin-stafflex-case-study

    "Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen."

    Brian Stahelin, Stafflex
  • carolyn-frodsham-employment-solutions-case-study-broadbean-training

    "Our aim in entering the Broadbean training was to gain a better understanding of reporting function for management information and setting up the automated templates to improve candidate interaction."

    Carolyn Frodsham, Employment Solutions
  • pat-keogh-pro-recruitment-case-study-bullhorn-crm-linkedin-barclay-jones

    "Barclay Jones is on our wavelength and get what we are trying to achieve and more!  Being a recruitment specialist gives them a real advantage.  Call them well in advance of your projects - they get booked far in advance!"

    Pat Keogh, Pro-Recruitment
  • kate-allen-allen-associates-case-study-bullhorn-linkedin-broadbean

    "Candidate attraction, speedy processes and data are really important to us and we wanted Barclay Jones to help us ensure that our systems and processes were connected.  Barclay Jones has set us on the path to thinking more strategically"

    Kate Allen, Allen Associates
  • daniel-dawkins-aspire-people-case-study-recruitment-marketing-lisa-jones

    "Wayne came in and looked at our Broadbean processes and workflows and helped us understand what we should be doing and quickly identified that there was a massive bit of tech that we were not using correctly."

    Daniel Dawkins, Aspire People

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We are award-winning leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. We make recruiters more successful.

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