Aspire People - Digital Strategy, Marketing Mentoring, Broadbean ROI

Aspire People - Digital Strategy, Marketing Mentoring, Broadbean ROI

How Did We Help?

Aspire People recruits teaching, non teaching, and office and technical support staff for Schools, Nurseries, College, Academies and Universities across the Midlands.

Lisa has been working with them to define their digital marketing strategy whilst mentoring the marketing function to deliver ROI and engage sales. Our training team have been working to help them generate ROI from LinkedIn.

As part of their recruitment technology and social media review we discovered that they were getting limited ROI from Broadbean. We delivered a Broadbean ROI Workshop to define and improve the recruiter and candidate experience of this critical recruiting software.

How Did Daniel Feel?

Daniel Dawkins, Operations and HR Director.  Aspire People

We’re very good at recruiting, matching candidates and building relationships, but we weren’t so good at letting the wider community know this! We wanted to understand how we should go about showing our clients and candidates what best practice should look like, and demonstrate how we follow it.

My goal was to understand what good looked like from a recruiter point of view and ensure that my recruitment marketing, recruiter systems and processes were up to scratch. Wayne came in and looked at our Broadbean processes and workflows and helped us understand what we should be doing and quickly identified that there was a massive bit of tech that we were not using correctly.

We also wanted expertise on marketing dos and don’ts. We needed someone (Lisa) who could tell us what we can get rid of, and which things are needed to be switched on.

Their “no-nonsense” approach is what drew me to Barclay Jones in the first place. I particularly liked their expertise and the structured approach they brought – these were two things we needed more of in the business.

Would we recommend Barclay Jones? Yes, any recruiter who wants to improve their marketing process and refine their recruitment practice should get in touch with Barclay Jones.

We have bridged the gap between sales and marketing. We are delivering on time, taking ownership, and have respect from the sales floor.

Our experience of Barclay Jones in three words? Fun, learning and dynamic!