Recruitment Automations: Clean Data, Speedy Processes, Less Staff, More Sales

3 Ways Recruitment Automation Can Help Your 4Cs


Recruiters need more warm calls, cleaner and compliant data, candidate management, aftercare to manage accounts, reconversions, sustainable sales and more happiness. Recruitment leaders need to grow a sustainable team of productive recruiters, and generate less of a need to hire. Which recruitment automations can make this happen?

Effective recruitment technology like Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) can do some heavy lifting to free up time for your recruiters to focus on the “good stuff” – more phone time, more billing time, more fees. Recruitment automation should solve a pain in your recruitment business. We help recruiters use Bullhorn Automation to create a time machine and drive serious ROI.

Clean Data, Speedier Processes, Happier Recruiters, Less Need for Hiring

The recruiters we’ve worked with have had some mind blowing results as a result of using Bullhorn1st and Bullhorn Automation!

Philippe Vandekerckhove, Jobmatch. Jobmatch has created a time machine. In just 4 weeks, we have saved 3770 hours with 113, 113 automation actions. The emails that we have sent (2339) have a good open rate 62%, which is 38% above the average.

Recruitment Automation isn't just for big recruiters - we're finding that whether our clients are a 5 or 50 person recruiter, they are needing to do more with less, build back stronger, and be more sustainable. That’s why we’ve added our Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) training to our recruiter training platform, Recruitment HIIT to help you maximise the ROI you generate from your Bullhorn system using Bullhorn Automation.

What’s in it for you? Here are some automation ideas to help you improve your critical 4Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues, cash.

Add Turbo to Your Recruitment Workflows with Recruitment Automation

3 Ways Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Can Help You With Candidates

Think better job applications, warm calls, onboarding

  1. Distribute your jobs to get better quality applications.

  2. Track how people are engaging with your content – this will help you decide who to call – massive time saver!

  3. Professional onboarding candidates to give a consistent and better experience – happier candidates turn to contacts, which turn into more business!

3 Ways Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Can Improve Your Clients (Sales)

Think warm calls, reconverting old clients, keeping existing ones

  1. Converting prospect clients into warm calls

  2. Ability to track lapsed and at-risk clients – to get recruiters to call and re-convert

  3. Client satisfaction surveys – to help you improve service levels – plus IDing issues before they become problems.

3 Ways Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Can Improve Your Colleague Experience and Productivity

Think cleaner data, speedier sourcing, being organised, reducing admin, happier recruiters, less stressed managers, less need to recruit…

  1. Removing time consuming and morale draining admin tasks

  2. Archiving old data to improve sourcing and reconversions

  3. Getting reminders to ensure critical candidate and client tasks are delivered on time

Plus - overall more time to be awesome, and for personal development and training - our Recruitment HIIT training can help you nail this critical task.

3 Ways Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Can Improve Your CASH

  1. Think speed – time to hire improved, contractors speedily recycled

  2. Think data – your asset being clean and compliant, creating less risk, more time - data is monetised!

  3. Think productivity – less people needed, and the ones you have working smarter

Recruitment automation is not about replacing recruiters or admin, although it can mean you don’t need to hire as many people as you think. It’s about:

  • Cleaner data

  • Speedier sales

  • Reduction of admin

  • Cleaner, compliant data

  • Happier, productive recruiters

  • More effective marketing and marketers

Your recruitment process needs to be about speed, pipeline, and sustainability. Look at your data, people, process – where could you do with automation doing your heavy lifting?

Think about how automation can help you with your 4Cs, not just how it can help you send more messages to candidates.





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