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Our Marketing Training Resulted a Massive Imrpovement in Fircroft's Sales & Marketing...

Fircroft are a global recruiter specialising oil and gas, power, automotive and IT recruitment.

They engage us to work with their global marketing team to develop recruitment marketing strategies.  We meet with the global head of marketing on a monthly basis to advise on best practice and innovation, and work with his team of marketing execs and content managers on a weekly basis to mentor on elements such as email marketing, social media ROI, content planning and content marketing, GDPR, metrics and KPIs.

We have also worked with their recruiters to generate LinkedIn ROI, recruiter content and innovative adverts.  We love working with Fircroft – it’s enabled us to really “get under the skin” of the brand, and the marketing department.  This has resulted in a massive improvement in sales and marketing relationship, as well as aiding the marketing team to win their deserved Recruiter Award for Best Marketing Department.

I Would Recommend Barclay Jones to Other Recruitment Leaders...

Andrew Yarwood, Fircroft

After working with Barclay Jones I have more confidence in what I am doing, and in the ability to know the questions to ask. I can rely on Lisa – she has challenged my team and I to develop award-winning strategies – we won the Recruiter Award for best marketing team.

Building a relationship with someone is very important for me and having trust is critical for me and my team. I need honesty and a partner and I’ve found that in Barclay Jones; Lisa’s ability to mentor my team is invaluable to me.

I’d recommend them to other recruitment leaders – working with Barclay Jones, specifically Lisa, gives me a partner I can trust and rely on. I’d recommend them because the level of insight is vital, the ability to know and more importantly impart both knowledge and common sense is vital.

My time with Barclay Jones in three words? Fun, insightful, delivering.