Search Consultancy - Recruitment Marketing Coaching, LinkedIn and Job Adverts Training

Search Consultancy - Recruitment Marketing Coaching, LinkedIn and Job Adverts Training

How Did We Help?

Search Consultancy are a nationwide recruiter, placing people at all levels across a wide range of commercial and industry sectors.

We have worked with them for almost 7 years years on various projects such as: LinkedIn ROI and Content Marketing and Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy.

We train their recruiters on LinkedIn, Job Adverts, content planning, community nurturing and we work with their marketing department to advise on recruitment marketing strategy

Their goal is to grow their business, improve recruiter effectiveness, brand and marketing ROI.

How Do Janine and Steph Feel?

Steph Hill, Head of Content and Events. Search Consultancy

Our goal for the LinkedIn training was to set a benchmark for anyone who joins the business, as prior training has been ad hoc. Now, we can educate every new starter who joins Search to the same standards and processes.  Additional benefit, the impact on the internal resource.  Barclay Jones have been extremely flexible and have even enhanced our own approach to LinkedIn.

We have worked with Barclay Jones for over 5 years, so they were the natural choice for this project.

We now have a guaranteed training resource – it’s available to all and is built into our BAU (business as usual) training program.  I’m delighted as it has played a part in us getting platinum Investors in People.

We have confidence in our usage of LinkedIn thanks to Barclay Jones. They’re ahead of the curve when it comes to social recruiting, are up-to-date with the changes to the platform and the team really “gets” recruitment.

What we liked the most about Barclay Jones is that they’re consultative and inspiring. They are always coming up with new ideas and solutions and we trust them.

We’d definitely recommend them – we have consistently had good feedback from the workshop attendees. Our recruiters find their blogs and videos really useful too!  Barclay Jones in three words? Flexible, fun and consultative.

Janine Owen, Marketing Director. Search Consultancy

Barclay Jones’ Content Workshop was a great exercise in making the guys think outside the box.

It was great to see that, when she pushed them, realisation dawned about how easy content could be and how essential it might be rather than just the ‘marketing’ exercise they had perhaps deemed it to be.

I think it’s great to get someone like Lisa to run these sessions not just to save on my team’s resource, but also because she brings a freshness, an alternate voice and drive that takes some teams by surprise.

I look forward to more of those ‘surprise and realisation’ moments!