The Future Of Recruitment CRM with Rod Smyth, James Payne


Recruitment leaders often come to me saying that they are not getting the ROI from the system they have so painstakingly shelled out hard earned cash for. ​

The recruitment industry is paralysed by the systems and options available to it - it's not enough to splash your cash around and expect recruiters to be magically able to run your CRM. These systems are sophisticated... which is what you need, but without sufficient training, the systems will never be able to show you just how valuable they can be!

How Do You Monetise Your CRM?

​In this recruitment leaders’ podcast I’m delighted to be speaking with James Payne from Bond Adapt and Rod Smyth from TempBuddy. They recently joined forces, leveraging each other’s strengths of world-class staffing software and award-winning technological innovation.

As providers of world-class recruitment technology, they are in a great place to talk about our new CRMFirst mantra at Barclay Jones.

Who is this Recruitment Leaders Podcast for?

If you are a recruitment leader, IT leader or marketing leader in recruitment, and you want to make your CRM “FIRST” (ie. First port of call), then this is will be a key listen.

What did we discuss?

  • Why the content of your CRM can massively impact whether your recruiters use it?

  • How to improve the content of your CRM.

  • How can you get managers and directors engaged with Recruitment CRM?

  • What things do they advise recruiters to stop doing?

Listen to the podcast!​

Thanks, Rod and James, for being such great guests on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

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