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Is this the Fix for Talent-Short Recruiters? Recruitment Leaders' Podcast


Every recruitment leader needs more staff – or at least they want their existing staff to be loyal, effective and successful.  This recruitment podcast is  a great listen to help you spend a little time creating a strategy for fixing your talent shortage. 

No recruiters?  No fees?  ...No business!  Here’s a fix!

This Is Must-listen for Recruitment Leaders Who Need to Attract and Retain Staff

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I spoke to Ann Swain, Founder of APSCo, about their initiative, Women in Recruitment, something that will fix over 70% of Recruitment Leaders’ issues this year (and beyond…)

We talked about what Women in Recruitment is. What does Women in Recruitment do, and what’s in it for recruiters?

Recruitment leaders have a lot to benefit from understanding how a focus on diversity and inclusion in their recruitment business can fix a lot of problems (namely recruiting and retaining the best recruiters!) and help them create more profitable, successful businesses.

We talked about some key issues that can affect / help the talent shortage in most recruitment businesses:

  • Why there is a talent shortage within the recruitment industry

  • Women in Recruitment: WIIFR (what’s in it for recruiters?)

  • What really motivates salespeople and recruiters?

  • How are men and women being done a disservice in the workplace?

  • What do millennials and Gen Z really want, and how can we deliver it?

  • How do recruitment leaders fix the gap between employing and retaining staff?

  • Does Ann think women are better salespeople than men?

  • How do we help our staff perform to the best of their ability?

  • What are the benefits to joining Women in Recruitment?

Women in Recruitment isn’t just about ticking a box, feeling better, “doing the right thing”. There’s LOTs of commercial benefits – which if I’m honest, I feel I shouldn’t need to outline, but, I may as well.

  • If the average recruitment business needs more staff, what do they need to do to hire and retain women?

  • Do women make better sales people? (Contentious!)

  • Recruitment awards and vendors often ask about diversity – what do you really need to say about your approach to “women in recruitment”.

Listen to the podcast below.

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