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Recruiters and recruitment leaders always tell me that they don't have enough time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do the many admin jobs that come with recruitment life as well as making time to get on the phone, let alone worry about internal recruitment strategy.

Data show us that there are far fewer women reaching the top of organisations within the recruitment sector. Even though the entry intake of recruitment staff is fairly equal from a gender equality perspective, there is still a dearth of women in senior roles in the recruitment industry.

Why Do so Few Women Rise Through the Recruitment Business Ranks?

I’m joined on this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast by Natasha Clarke – CPO for SThree and Chair of the Women in Recruitment body.

Women in Recruitment was formed to give recruitment firms practical support in attracting, developing and retaining their female talent, as well as providing a tangible demonstration of a commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates.

Obviously, there are women in recruitment. I am one, Natasha is another... We talked about the reason that this organisation has been born; what its goal is… who's sponsoring it? And importantly, how a woman (or a man) gets involved in this body.

  • Are women better recruiters?

  • Are women better at sales?

  • And what stats did we have to prove or disprove this?

  • Why is there a need for Women in Recruitment body?

  • What’s it’s mission and how does it support women (and men)?

  • What is the business case for change?

  • What practical advice does Natasha have for creating a more diverse workforce?

Listen to the podcast!

I suggest you check out the Women in Recruitment website. It gives access to unique development tools, mentoring and networking opportunities designed to support successful and sustainable careers in recruitment. Company Membership is open to all UK recruitment firms. Individuals can join Women in Recruitment independently, or as employees of Company Members.

Thanks, Natasha, for being such great guest on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.


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