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What Are the 3 Ways Recruiters Can Use Data to Drive Sales?


Recruiters! 80% of your time is spent focusing of the wrong tasks, and 72% of the candidates you place already being on your system before you source them elsewhere. How can you stop procrastinating, and start using your data to manage your clients and candidates to generate more ROI?

My Interview with Adam at SourceBreaker

I spoke with Adam Dale at SourceBreaker - who is committed to changing the way recruiters source through AI. SourceBreaker is cool automation tool to help recruiters improve speed, pipeline, and work-life balance - so cool that we've added SourceBreaker to our recruiter training platform, Recruitment HIIT. I asked Adam 3 questions on how recruiters can use data to drive sales.

​1. Adam, give me your thoughts on how recruiters need to adapt to using data to drive their sales process?

By 2025, 60% of B2B sales companies will move from experience-based selling to data based selling stat. Barclay Jones Recruitment Technology ROI

The very best recruiters offer the candidate or client a service that sets them apart from the competition, having the knowledge to provide added value, and SourceBreaker offers a one-stop-shop for recruiters to do just that.

  1. Market Intelligence builds credibility - The data you share with your candidates and clients can separate you from competitors by demonstrating you are the market leader and source of knowledge and increasing your credibility to become a trusted partner of your client.

  2. Trigger events, be in the know - Trigger events are a reason to pick up the phone at that time. Creating data that highlights flux within an organisation, such as funding rounds news or the hiring of a new senior exec and makes sure you are selling to the right company at the right time.

How do you find and make the most of this data with SourceBreaker?

SourceBreaker offers recruiters a one stop shop for that data and market intelligence and automates the process of finding it. Whether that be the latest news about a particular market or company, salary trends, candidate and job flow, and funding data.

An example of this could be a startup has just received a round of Series B funding, which would infer they are going to be growing the team and scaling their operations to reach a growth goal set out in their investment plan. Our intel center will inform you the day this business closes the funding allowing you to engage straight away and have candidates ready to spec in.

2. Adam, talk to me about new business development, versus account management in recruitment.

The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70% stat. Barclay Jones recruitment technology

We’ve created a toolkit which helps Recruiters reconvert existing clients. This can be used with or without SourceBreaker, but of course SB helps rapidly increase the return on your efforts, presenting market intelligence quickly for you in one place powered by automation for speed and efficiency to give you more time to build deeper relationships with clients.

Plus, Recruiters need automation to notify them of jobs, and also to help them map out their clients, so that they can see all of their clients’ jobs. This is a much easier and rewarding way of managing an account!

3. Adam, Recruiters need more time to be effective, but procrastination is a time killer – how can your product help recruiters focus on what they need to do to attract, engage, convert and retain – rather than procrastinate?

Up to 80% of the average working day is spent on activities with little to no value. Barclay Jones Recruitment ROI training

Recruiters have one of the most complex and varied roles out there, and are often asked to do lots of tasks that spread across different skill sets, from selling and negotiating, to research and data entry.

SourceBreaker is designed to automate candidate searching and BD , so that the recruiter can do what they do best and get on the phone and speak with candidates and clients. This enables them to build deeper relationships, and make more placements.

We save recruiters over 10 hours a week that they can reinvest in revenue generating activities, and get away from the tedious, but necessary, stuff like building searches, trawling client websites for jobs and manually adding candidates to the CRM.

Talking of Recruiters Having More Time and Making More Sales...

Could you save your recruiters an hour a day, which is 6 weeks a year? Plus hire less staff than you think you need?

Barclay Jones recruitment marketing says 76% of recruiters believe artificial intelligence (AI) will have an impact on the recruitment industry, yet only 10% of embrace some form of AI.

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate leads, and colleagues (3Cs). Be sure to try our SourceBreaker HIIT!




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