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LinkedIn Recruiter Jedi Star wars

5 Tips for LinkedIn Jedi Masters (and Recruiters)

Recruiters need more of the 3Cs – candidates, clients and colleagues.  Jedi need more rebels to help them defeat The Empire!  I often compare Recruiters to Jedi – they both use dark forces to control the universe!  And they both have some significant tech at their disposal which can make a massive difference. Being a Star… Read more »

Jedi Mind Trick Candidates Google Analytics

How Recruiters Can Use Google Analytics to Jedi-Mind Trick Talent

Recruitment Leaders buy a website not because they have better things to spend their money on, but because they need to generate the 3Cs – candidates, client and collages – oh and a small matter of cash (4th c!) Recruitment marketer need their website to make them look good, and make generating candidates and leads easier. – Does… Read more »

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