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3 Stats to Help AI Have a Purpose in the Recruitment Process


Recruiters' inboxes are either crowded with the wrong job applications, or ironically empty. They're potentially wasting 13 hours a week screening candidates that are not worthy of their jobs, and they all want AI, but don't know where to start.

2021 has to be a year where recruiters engage more with tech, data, and systems, so that they can engage better with their candidates, clients, and colleagues. How can AI (artificial intelligence) help?

My Interview with Gareth Christian at Recii

I spoke with Gareth Christian at Recii. They specialise in conversational AI - wow that sounds cool! It's basically where your website helps screen out the candidates you don't want to apply for your jobs, and helps the ones that do, get through to you. I asked Gareth 3 questions about how conversational AI can help recruiters be more productive.

1. Gareth, if 50% of candidate applications are a poor fit, how can we make sure that this doesn't bottleneck a recruiter's inbox?

Barclay Jones recruitment training suggests 50% of candidate applications are a poor fit

The last 12 months has seen a fundamental shift in the recruitment world from a candidate driven market to a role driven space. There’s been a 10-fold increase of job applications - some recruiters can now receive as many as 500 applications.

Hence the knock-on effect is that more time is needed for screening. The recruitment process becomes bottled necked at the front, and there’s little time for the rest of the process. This is creating poor candidate (and colleague) experience.

It affects sales, too - time to hire is increased and this impacts the consultant’s ability to generate sustainable revenue.

Think about how can AI help “declutter” this part of the process.

2. Gareth, if 13 hours spent screening candidates each week, with little time for candidate care, and this negatively impacts on candidate experience?

13 hours spent screening candidates each week not enough time to convert Barclay Jones recruitment marketing training says.

With the massive increase in job applications, recruiters need to ensure they are speaking with the correct candidates. With application volumes increasing this can mean less time focusing on processes that can generate revenue.

Conversational AI can speak to 000’s of candidates every minute, working through a database and applications to ensure each candidate file is updated, accurate and compliant. It can also remove unconscious basis through screening standardisation, suitability grading and soft skill assessment. A great help for D&I improvements.

3. 76% of recruiters believe AI will have an impact on recruitment yet currently, only 10% embrace some form of AI - thoughts Gareth?

Barclay Jones recruitment marketing says 76% of recruiters believe artificial intelligence (AI) will have an impact on the recruitment industry, yet only 10% of embrace some form of AI.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the recruitment industry to adopt new ways of working – working from home, technological and agile approaches to recruitment are key.

The recruitment industry has always focussed on human interaction, and AI has been seen as “anti-recruiter” – when in fact it could be the driver of better candidate, client, and colleague experience. The key is understanding where in the recruitment process AI is best sat, and how it can boost the rest of the process.


Every piece of tech in your recruitment business needs to serve a purpose, and not simply be a cost. It needs a job to do - and it needs to deliver. AI and automation can take a lot of pain away in 2021 - where is your pain? No time, too many candidates, recruiters doing too much admin, dirty data, not enough jobs? How can tech help?

Talking of Recruiters Having More Time and Making More Sales...

Could you save your recruiters an hour a day, which is 6 weeks a year? Plus hire less staff than you think you need?

Barclay Jones recruitment marketing says 76% of recruiters believe artificial intelligence (AI) will have an impact on the recruitment industry, yet only 10% of embrace some form of AI.

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