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Chatbots, AI, and Automation, with Bullhorn Automation


Automation, Chatbots, and AI are the hot topics in recruitment this year.

But could you be suffering from "all the gear, no idea"?

Or you've no idea where to start, but know you need to get going with AI.

Are you using Chatbots? And if so, what value are they adding to your recruitment process? (And how are they helping your candidates, clients, and colleagues?)

If you've not got a chatbot, what could you use one for?

Wayne and I chatted with Billy and Mandy from Bullhorn about their Chatbot, and how it couples with Automation and AI to create an experience which can really boost sales, sourcing, retention.

This speedy 6-minute"smackdown" takes you into the world of automation and chatbots and explains the many ways it will help produce a faster and more robust recruitment and sales process.

Chatbots, AI, Automation - WIIFM? (What's in it for me?)

Wayne, Billy, Mandy and I talked about how chatbots, AI, and automation can:

  • Enable self-service

  • Develop stronger candidate and client relationships

  • Speed up recruitment process

  • Clean up your recruitment data

  • Speed up sourcing

  • Generate sales

  • Make smaller recruiters just as competitive as bigger recruiters

  • Enable a 24/7 offering without paying recruiter salaries 24/7

Watch Bullhorn's Automation and AI experts showcase the benefits of Chatbots, AI and Automation for Recruiters

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