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  • Aileen Garven

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching

    ​We are merging good process with revenue-attached business. We are using automating new business development.

  • Andrew Michael

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy
    Goodman Masson

    ​We needed a plan, and a specialist. Working with Barclay Jones is well worth the investment.​

  • Kay Sutton

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​The automation training and implementation was worth every penny.

  • James Dawson

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy and Build
    Rise Technical

    ​They have helped us re-invigorate the database, and re-engage a large pool of candidates, tidying up the data.

  • Dave Draper

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​Barclay Jones helped us generate ROI from our Bullhorn candidate data

  • Kevin McGrath

    Bullhorn Training
    NES Global Talent

    ​Our teams are now using the Bullhorn system more efficiently

  • Andy Price

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching
    Digital Appointments

    ​I’ve made 2 placements during my Automation training.

  • Brian Cunningham

    HIIT and Bullhorn Training
    Allen Recruitment

    As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and higher performing recruitment team. ​

  • Mark Ostrowski

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy and Build
    Harcourt Matthews

     As a result of working with Barclay Jones to automate my business, we have more money, and a stronger Bullhorn database.

  • Paul McArdle

    Recruitment HIIT Training
    The Panel

    Recruitment HIIT has been an excellent investment both from a financial and recruiter coaching perspective.​

  • Paul Robson

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    The Crew Hunter

    ​ We have managed to restructure our business, with more recruiters and more time to recruit. 

  • Dan Unstead

    Recruitment Training - HIIT
    Perfect Placement

    Really good new tips, and reminders of the often-forgotten basics, which make for a better recruitment journey for everyone involved.

  • Philippe Vandekerckhove

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​We have created a time machine.

  • Emma Jordan

    Bullhorn ROI and Training

    ​We now need to advertise less, spend less on job boards, and we are placing quicker.

  • Alister Smith

    Recruitment HIIT and Bullhorn Training
    Perfect Placement

    ​So many great tips and hints for a smooth recruitment process and less stressful work life.

  • Jordan Adcock

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    One Player Mission

    ​Work is now more fluid for the team.  There’s less start and stop.  Onboarding is easier and quicker. ​​

  • Christopher Slade

    Recruitment HIIT Training
    Executive Integrity

    ​I now have more time to run my recruitment business, and hire! Because of Recruitment HIIT, when we hire someone, the pressure is off of me and my business partner to do all of the training. It’s a lot less stressful. New starters are onboarded a lot quicker.

  • Bernard Van Steenberge

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    Steve Skills

    ​We have cleaner data, more organised recruiters, and happier candidates.

  • Dale Swords

    Bullhorn ROI and Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones are a breath of fresh air! They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of the business...

  • Suzie Hughes

    Bullhorn Training
    Gleeson Recruitment

    Our recruitment consultants are fully engaged with our Bullhorn CRM system – and at a more broader level. 

  • Miranda Webster

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    Websters Rural

    I am really excited about a system that will help me find avenues to expand my pipeline and business.​

  • Emma Mathieson

    Bullhorn ROI Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones in 3 words: proactive, approachable, results-oriented.​

  • Arne Looten

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​They focused on recruitment workflows and not simply how to use Automation. It was about my business, not just the technology.

  • Aisha Barnes

    Recruitment HIIT Training
    Executive Integrity

    ​Thank you so much for HIIT. I love the training! It's really motivating and easy to digest!​

  • Natasha Neller

    Bullhorn ROI Strategy
    Austin Fraser

    They have given us the knowledge and raised awareness of key Bullhorn areas that we need to focus on to help us grow.

  • Shehzad Tabassum

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching
    NP Group

    ​More candidates are being called. Renewal contracts are being managed proactively. Candidates are updating their own records. Jobs are closed off quicker.

  • Gary Williams

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​Barclay Jones has saved us 6 months of time. Data clean, admin reduced, sales rebooted...

  • Brian Stahelin

    Technology ROI

    Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen.

  • Doug Baird

    Technology ROI
    New Street Group

    They are hugely knowledgeable in ICT, business process and recruitment tech and great fun to work with.