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Our Adapt Training Improved Career Legal's Engagement with Adapt...

Career Legal is a recruitment business which specialise in legal recruiting for the legal community across London and throughout the UK.

Their goal was to improve engagement with Adapt and generate ROI from their investment.

We worked with the IT Manager to review the system and understand any configuration amends, then conducted a survey of the recruiters and their workflows to identify key areas for Adapt Training and recruiter engagement.

We delivered a number of tailored Adapt Training sessions at their offices in London. We also delivered floor-walking training to ensure retention of the key trained processes. We worked with individuals to feel confident about the system as this was a key goal for Career Legal.

Our Recruiters Are Now More Confident With Using Adapt...

Martin Snell, Career Legal

The goal was to encourage consultants to use Adapt Recruitment Software. I researched trainers online, read the reviews about Barclay Jones. I followed my instincts. I knew Barclay Jones would be right for us – after the first call, we developed a great rapport.

We enjoyed the training, and something unheard of in my business – we had no complaints. Every single consultant felt that they got something from the training. Barclay Jones spoke to the recruiters in layman’s terms and improved our confidence in using Adapt.

Barclay Jones support their clients very well and they speak our language. They have technical expertise but they use English to keep us engaged. Plus, they offer post-training support and guidance.

The most important thing is that people now have confidence in their ability to use the system. Confidence is a big thing.

Barclay Jones in three words? Efficient, Supportive, Skilled.