Job Advert Hack for Recruiters – Improve your Job Applications


Recruiters are known for saying “I’ve not got enough candidates”. Meanwhile, I see stats like 30% of Google searches are job-related. So, what is the issue? Why do Recruiters not have enough candidates? Yep – they have the “wrong ones”.  Here is a job advert hack which will attract (and convert) surfers into applicants.

Recruiters! Get Passive Candidates Reading and Applying for Your Jobs!

We deliver a really cool “Best Job Adverts” workshop for recruiters.  We deliver hacks to help you create better job advert copy, market your job adverts (for free!) and get those jobs applied to!

This hack is one of the job adverts hacks that we share on our job adverts training.

  1. Perhaps you’re one of the recruiters out there who responded to our poll and admitted that your job adverts just don’t work!

  2. Perhaps you’re a recruitment marketer who wants your lovely sales teams to create better job adverts?

  3. Are you a recruitment leader who wants to reduce job board budget?

Sharing your relationship with the client is a crucial way to create some candidate (and client) “stickiness” and trust. If you have worked with the client for a while, this will really help candidates trust you.

If you’ve never worked with the client before, then spin that fact! Helping a client out because they can’t find the right candidate themselves, or another recruiter failed to help, is a great statement to make! (but choose your words carefully).

Job Adverts Can Generate Leads Too!

This job advert hack is a quick tip to help you create the best copy for your job adverts, and also use them for attracting some leads. Never stop developing new business and have a choice over the jobs you work is a blessing!

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