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3 Ways to be a Jedi Recruiter


Recruiters who need a boost due to Covid, Netflix-fatigue, WFH, home schooling - need to read this… Never let it be said that recruitment is just a job – it’s a “way” – like The Force. Like Jedi, committed recruiters need certain skills to negotiate, sell, change lives.

To celebrate the annual upcoming Star Wars Day I spoke with a fellow Star Wars geek (and recruitment trainer), Phil, Head of Talent at First Point Group, about what he feels the top 3 skills that Jedi and Recruiters share.

Defence – Recruiters Need to Defend

The ability to objection handle, be prepared, to expect the unexpected – that’s part of recruitment.

It’s about reading the Jedi path in front of you, and being ready to defend.

It’s about defending your candidates, whether they be scruffy-looking nerf herders, or teachers.

And being a recruiter is about knowing when to drop your guard. Knowing when to show passion and understanding is key! Knowing when to let the Wookie win is a skill!

Knowledge – Be a Knowledgeable Recruiter

Know your market! Whether it be Ewoks, or IT Developers, Millennium Falcon flight skills, or how to down a Dreadnaught, you need to be knowledgeable. What’s old, new, emerging in your sector…?

Knowing the market, client, job, candidate, (and who your sister is) is key. Without this knowledge who knows who you’ll end up kissing!

Training – Recruitment Training in The Force

Like Jedi, recruiters continuously training is a must. As Yoda says - “There is no try, only do!”

As much as Jedi have the gene (midi-chlorian) they need to constantly train to battle dark forces, whether they be dirty data, drop outs, back door placements, or challenging clients (siths?).

Jedi, like recruiters, need to follow “the way”, whilst changing lives. They need to know when to lead, when to fight, and when to kiss!

Never let it be said that recruitment is just a job – it’s a Way! Someone (Mando) once said… “This is the way!”

Thanks Phil– The Force is strong in you!

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