3 Ways to be a Jedi Recruiter


Recruiters! Did you know it takes over 25 hours to watch all of the Star Wars movies? I personally think that's a great use of time, of course, once you've attracted, engaged, converted, and placed the best candidates in the galaxy!

Every day is a Kessel Run for the recruiters we work with! Being a Jedi is crucial!

To celebrate the annual upcoming Star Wars Day I spoke with a fellow Star Wars geek (and recruitment trainer), Phil, Head of Talent at First Point Group, about what he feels are the top 3 skills that Jedi and Recruiters share.

Defence – Recruiters Need to Defend

The ability to objection handle, be prepared, prevent drop outs, and to expect the unexpected – that’s part of recruitment.

It’s about reading the Jedi path in front of you and being ready to defend.

It’s about defending your candidates, whether they be scruffy-looking nerf herders or teachers. It's about managing and preventing counteroffers. 57% of candidates accept counteroffers that are made to them. This shows the odds are not in your favour, so you need to be prepared.

Luckily, our Recruiter Circuits workout on Recruitment HIIT has a course dedicated to helping you manage the offer stage of your recruitment process with your candidates so you can prevent counteroffers and secure your pipeline.

Knowledge – Be a Knowledgeable Recruiter

Know your market! Whether it be Ewoks, or IT Developers, Millennium Falcon flight skills, or how to down a Dreadnaught, you need to be knowledgeable. What’s old, new, emerging in your sector…?

Knowing the market, client, job, candidate, (and who your sister is) is key. Without this knowledge who knows who you’ll end up kissing!

Continuous training is key to enhancing your recruiter skills and can increase sales by 50%. From reducing admin to improving sourcing, BD and beyond, Recruitment HIIT has speedy recruiter training videos to help you continuously improve your recruiter skills and fees.

Training – Recruitment Training in The Force

Like Jedi, recruiters continuously training is a must. As Yoda says - “There is no try, only do!”

Just like the Rebel Alliance fights against the evil Empire, as recruiters, we are in a battle - a battle for top candidates and clients! You need to be continuously upskilling to stay ahead in the competitive recruitment market - your commission depends on it.

Just like The Force is a weapon for success, the best recruiters use their key rec tech, their CRM first for sourcing, engaging, nurturing, and placing candidates.

As much as Jedi have the gene (midi-chlorian) they need to constantly train to battle dark forces, whether they be dirty data, drop outs, back door placements, or challenging clients (siths?).

Our Bullhorn and Adapt training on Recruitment HIIT will ensure you use your CRM first to save time, improve your candidates and client relationships and placements.

Become a Jedi Recruiter

Jedi, like recruiters, need to follow “the way”, whilst changing lives. They need to know when to lead, when to fight, and when to kiss!

Never let it be said that recruitment is just a job – it’s a Way! Someone (Mando) once said… “This is the way!”

How can you follow the "the way" as a recruiter? Our recruiter training courses on Recruitment HIIT will help you follow the recruitment 'way'.

Our Recruiter Circuits course, especially, has "the way" with 5-minute training videos to ensure qualify your jobs, source, advertise, screen and nail your CV to Interview ratios.

Thanks Phil– The Force is strong in you!

Speaking of Recruiters Improving Through Training


Our recruiter training courses on Recruitment HIIThelps recruiters and resourcers source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines. Bullhorn CRM training, job qualification, screening, candidate sourcing, job advertising and management, and reducing counteroffers, are just some of the 5-minute topics recruiters love.

We're saving recruiters and resourcers at least 1 hour per day (6 working weeks a year) - more billing time, more fees!



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