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Turbo Sourcing with the Bullhorn Shortlist List


Recruiters, you spend far too much time sourcing outside your Bullhorn system when the most active candidates are right under your nose!

This little-known Bullhorn tip will speedily reveal active candidates ready to work with you right now! (Candidates, that if you’re not quick, will work with your competitors!)

Turbo Sourcing with the Bullhorn Shortlist List

Sourcing is not just about getting candidates on Bullhorn. You need active candidates who are looking for work right now! Our Bullhorn HIIT has lots of great tips for speedier sourcing. Why not give Recruitment HIIT a try for free and find out how you could save time, reduce stress, and place more candidates!

But for now...

  1. Do you want a ready-made list of active candidates? 

  2. Do you need a sure-fire method to get to the right candidate quicker?

  3. Do you want to find out Bullhorn’s best-kept secret to speedy sourcing?

And keep those active candidates in your line of sight, you in theirs, and place quicker!

Well, obviously! 

Let me show you how to use Bullhorn to:

  1. Find active candidates that WANT to work with you

  2. Save time by focusing on the candidates you already know

  3. Secure your pipeline with an easy-access ready-made Bullhorn lists of active candidates

Suzie Hughes, Director of Operations, Gleeson Recruitment. Our goal was to increase user adoption of our Bullhorn Recruiting software. And now? Our recruitment consultants are fully engaged with our Bullhorn CRM system – and at a more broader level. We have much better management information to work with and we’re really putting our CRM first within the business.

Source the Right Candidates in Seconds with this Bullhorn Tip from Recruitment HIIT

Could you save your recruiters 30 days a year, so they can bill more? Or maybe hire less recruiters?

Best Bullhorn, Herefish, Adapt, Recruitment Training

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters and resourcers source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines. We aim to save every recruiter and resourcer at least 1 hour per day (6 working weeks a year) - more billing time, more fees!




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