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Turbo Sourcing with the Bullhorn Shortlist List


Recruiters, you may be spending far too much time sourcing outside your Bullhorn system when the most active candidates are right under your nose!

In fact, on average, 72% of placements are made with candidates you sourced outside of Bullhorn, but were there all along!

What a waste of time, money, and opportunity!

This little-known Bullhorn tip from Recruitment HIIT will speedily find active candidates ready to work with you right now! (Candidates, that if you’re not quick, will work with your competitors!)

Using too many recruitment systems can really slow you down. Our Bullhorn training on Recruitment HIIT will ensure you use Bullhorn to:

  • save time,

  • source speedily, and

  • find active candidates before your competition.

Turbo Sourcing with the Bullhorn Shortlist List

Sourcing is not just about getting candidates on Bullhorn - you need to find them and place them!

  1. Do you want a ready-made list of active candidates? 

  2. Do you need to get to the right candidates quicker?

  3. Do you want to find out Bullhorn’s best-kept secret to speedy sourcing?

Of course you do!

Source the Right Candidates in Seconds with this Bullhorn Tip

Want More Bullhorn and Recruitment Tips?

This video is part of a series of recruitment trainings in Recruitment HIIT, our online recruitment training platform.

Our training helps new and experienced recruiters qualify their jobs, speedily source and advertise, and improve their screening. It boosts CV to interview ratios, whilst giving great tips to prevent counter offers, and secure the placement and beyond.

Plus, if you have Analytics, Automation, SourceBreaker, LinkedIn, Calendly, Teams, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Hinterview, Paiger, Adapt, we train on those too!



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