Improving Recruiter Performance - Demand 1% Gains Through Easy Training


As a recruitment leader, you're likely to be looking to improve your recruiters' performance.

What does a mere 1% a day improvement look like, and how can you drive these marginal gains?

Do More With Less

Now, more than ever, you need more from less:

  • Less recruiters - it's a challenge to hire.

  • Less systems - "all the gear, no idea", doesn't make for a great recruitment process or a profitable recruitment business.

  • Less data - sourcing everything, everywhere, all at once, isn't cost or time effective.

How can you drive recruiter performance through training?

​Improving Recruiter Performance

Kaizen (aka "good change") is a Japanese concept around continuous improvement.

1% improvement a day equates to a whopping 40% improvement over a year. Nice!

What does 1% a day improvement to each and every recruiter in your business look (and feel) like?

And how can you ensure that recruitment training (and retraining) drives improvement and marginal gains?

The "Wrong" Recruitment Training

Is the recruitment training in your business driving the 1% marginal gain?

Are your recruiters copying copied behaviours which make best practice hard?

Training happens everywhere, all of the time, whether you like it or not.

  • We absorb what happens around us.

  • We mirror behaviours.

  • We are influenced by others.

Hope is never a great strategy.

You need to be sure that the “right” messages and behaviours are the ones which are trained. Recruiter training on best practice needs to be speedy, easy to access, and time-effective.

A 5-minute HIIT focused on job qualification tips, then getting back on the phone, can really move the dial.

Demand the 1% Gains from Your Recruiters

Accountable recruiters, continuously improving, using simple, speedy recruitment tools to improve, creates stronger pipelines, happier workforces, and sustainable businesses.

  1. Improvement happens when recruiters are accountable for their performance.

  2. Continuous training is key to maximising ROI from your people, data, and systems. Sales can increase by an impressive 50% when you continuously train!

  3. Recruitment tools are needed. In our new hybrid world, recruiters need quick and easy on-demand training tools.

Ensure your new recruiters are onboarded speedily and continuously improve.

Ensure experienced recruiters hunger for continuous improvement, and demonstrate great standards.

Create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. Give access to quick, easy, self-serve training. Otherwise, improvement will be a tough gig for you personally, and you won't be thanked for it.

​Recruitment Training Driving Performance - WIIFM?

The WIIFM –“what's in it for me?" gives purpose and goals and encourages your recruiters to engage in training, and be accountable for improving their performance.

​You’re a Recruitment Leader - What's your WIIFM?

  • Improved recruiter morale. Hence, improved performance and retention. (Less stress for you.)

  • Cleaner candidate and client data. Hence, less time wastage, reduced costs and time spent on external systems. (More profit through using monetised data.)

  • Creating your "way". Hence existing recruiters are role models for new starters. Speedier onboarding and time to bill. (Less reliance on you.)

  • Selling your recruitment business. Hence having a stronger process and generating ROI from your people, data, and systems is critical.

Your Recruiters - What's their WIIFM?

  • Better work-life balance? Hence, less time-consuming admin. Cleaner data driving speedier sourcing. Easier to win sales.

  • Paying off their mortgage, or getting on to the property ladder? Hence, they need more commission, or at least easier commission deliverables.

  • Promotion? Hence, better resourcing, sales performance, and leadership skills.

How Can Recruitment Leaders Drive Performance and Make Improvement Easy?

  1. Make continuous improvement the goal. Make it your culture.

  2. New recruiters need to know it's ok to not know everything at the end of their induction. Things they learned on day one are likely forgotten - continuous recruitment training is expected.

  3. Experienced recruiters need to set the best possible example, and demonstrate best practice. Retraining is a driver towards best practice and 1% incremental gains.

  4. Give your recruiters the tools to make training easy, on-demand, and quick! 10minutes a day may be all they need!

What can you do today to help your recruiters focus on improving their performance so that they can achieve their goals?

What tools can you give your recruiters to help them improve? And how easy are those tools to use, whenever, wherever they are?

Remember on-demand, quick and easy recruitment training is key to continuous improvement.

...Talking of Improving Recruiter Performance...


Recruitment HIIT trains recruiters and resourcers so you can speedily onboard new starters, and improve performance of experienced recruiters.

Job qualification, screening, sourcing, job advertising, and counteroffer immunity, are just some of the 10-minute topics our clients love.




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