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Sales Tips for Recruiters - Intentional Attraction


Being a recruiter involves being able to attract, engage, source, sell, retain, market, and effectively use tech. Hence the skillset of a modern recruiter is pretty vast. But what runs through the heart of a great recruiter is the ability to sell.

But "sales" is often seen as either a dirty word, or a skill reserved for purely business developers. Whereas every recruitment leader knows that sales is what drives recruitment. Whether you need to sell a candidate to a client, a job to a candidate, a process to a colleague, or get buy-in from stakeholders, everyone in recruitment needs to be good at "selling".

Sales Tips from An Award-Wining Recruiter

I spoke with Rossa Mullally, Associate Director and shareholder in Sigmar Recruitment. He manages the award-winning Sales and Multilingual Division.

​This vodcast equips recruiters with the strategies and insights they need to win over both candidates and clients. In today's competitive job market, recruiting top talent and maintaining strong client relationships have become essential skills for any successful recruiter.

Rossa Mullally and I spoke about:

  • How can recruiters use social engineering in recruitment and sales?

  • How can they avoid "unintentional repulsion"?

  • What's a great message which drives a great sale?

  • Where does tech "fit" in the sales process?

Watch the Trailer of my vodcast with Rossa...

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