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Nail Your LinkedIn ROI, Recruiters!


​Even the most experienced recruiters often don't get real ROI from LinkedIn, and this forces them to invest in the paid-for versions.

Meanwhile, lots of time and money wasted outside of their CRM searching the one place that competitors and clients have access to - not smart!

Reduce the Cost of and Reliance on LinkedIn Recruiter!

​Many of my clients are looking for ways to be more effective and save money on tech subscriptions.

Recruitment HIIT has some fantastic recruitment training, as well as Bullhorn Training, SourceBreaker Training, Analytics Training, and Automation Training. Plus, HIIT has a great LinkedIn course which one of our clients recently called "the antidote to LinkedIn Recruiter"!

LinkedIn Training to Improve Speed and Pipeline...

...and Reduce the Need for LinkedIn Recruiter

We've got some great tips to help you get the most from the free version of LinkedIn which can also help reduce the need for LinkedIn Recruiter. (Wasting less time and money is a good goal to have! )

  1. Score! We look at the LinkedIn scoring system so you get seen by more candidates and clients.

  2. All Star! We show you how to create an “all-star” profile so you generate more opportunities - more candidates, more clients, more ops, more sales, more time!

  3. Contact monetisation: And we have some cool hacks to connect with and monetise the best candidates and clients - and to help you generate more of a community that you can then sell to!

If you're an existing HIIT client login and complete the workout.

Want a free trial to see how HIIT can help improve speed and pipeline?

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