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10 Things to Do with Bullhorn Before 10am



If you have Bullhorn it should be first for sales, sourcing, candidate management and client retention.

But often "everything, everywhere, all at once" is the process and you use other (expensive) systems to source and sell.

This slows you down, and creates the risk of lost fees.

What Happens When You're Not Using Bullhorn First?

  1. Candidates will find their own jobs.

  2. Clients will work on a "1st past the post" approach.

  3. The candidates who stick with you may drop out.

  4. You waste valuable £$€ on job adverts and effectively tell your clients that you don't have a candidate pool.

  5. Then the same candidates that you have on Bullhorn apply again, and lose faith in your "niche" approach.

  6. You over-invest time and cash on LinkedIn Recruiter only to get the same results as if you'd been smart with Bullhorn.

  7. Your Bullhorn data deteriorates and eventually becomes useless, forcing you to do point 4.

  8. When the market shifts (as it has done a few times in recent years) you aren't as agile as you'd like to be - and that hurts!

Even just one of the above feels like an own-goal...

We deliver the best Bullhorn Training and Bullhorn Automation training, and have a wealth of best practice experience which we want to share on our next Bullhorn Tips Webinar.

We ran a webinar where we shared what we feel great recruiters should do with Bullhorn before 10am every day to improve speed, pipeline, sourcing, and sales. You missed a treat!

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