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CloudCall - Recruiters! Pickup the Phone!


Now more than ever, you need to spend time on quality communications. Yes, automation and AI are helping recruiters focus their time and attention, but picking up the phone is still the most important task in a recruiter's and resourcer's day!

​CloudCall is a great tool to help you save time, and have more effective comms with your candidates, clients, and colleagues.

You need a tool to help you not just make and receive calls and send texts, but also link with your CRM to help you generate speed and reduce your admin.

I'm delighted to have a new CloudCall workout in Recruitment HIIT to help recruiters protect pipelines and speed up workflows.

Stats to Focus Your Phone Time

  • Phone calls convert to revenue 10-15x more than web leads. (BIA)

  • 75% of clients are willing to make an appointment or attend an event based on a cold call. (Discover Org)

  • 77% believe a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer quickly. (New Voice Media)

Our new CloudCall training will help you weaponise your CloudCall system and "get on the phone". We have mobile and phone tips, as well as how to integrate with your Bullhorn system. How much time can you save? How much more focused could you be?

If you're an existing HIIT client login and complete the workouts.

​Want a free trial to see how HIIT can help improve speed and pipeline?


​The Best Recruitment Training

This video is part of a series of recruitment trainings in Recruitment HIIT, our online recruitment training platform.

Our training helps new and experienced recruiters qualify their jobs, speedily source and advertise, and improve their screening. It boosts CV to interview ratios, whilst giving great tips to prevent counter offers, and secure the placement and beyond.

Plus, if you have Bullhorn, Analytics, Automation, SourceBreaker, LinkedIn, Calendly, Teams, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Hinterview, Paiger, Adapt, we train on those too!



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