Ben Whaling Barclay Jones Systems Administrator

Ben Whaling

Bullhorn Automation ROI

​​I ensure that recruiters get ROI from their data, Bullhorn, and Bullhorn Automation.

Bullhorn1st is a key goal. I provide recruiters with turbo to improve their pipeline and generate more warm calls with their clients and candidates.

What do I get a kick out of?

I enjoy data analysis, looking for problems to solve, and creating solutions that will help my team, and the recruiters we support, have more productive days. I get a real kick out of seeing the development of technology and systems, and the huge improvements they can generate for people’s lives, especially recruiters.

Skiing and board games

I enjoy PC gaming, particularly strategy and open world games, but also love movies and TV shows, especially Marvel, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. When I get time I try and read and cook as well.

My Ideal day though would entail skiing with a group of friends and heading back to a log cabin, with a roaring open fire to play some board games and eat pizza. 

Ben Whaling