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Kate Stevens

Recruitment HIIT

​I produce and manage content for our online recruitment training Platform - Recruitment HIIT

I come from a background of post-production and tech. I studied Professional Sound and Video Technology for my degree, and went on to work at university as a technician and specialised media system administrator. I am also a certified trainer for video editing software, and love to teach.

Recruitment training

I edit recruitment training videos and content for our online recruiter training platform, Recruitment HIIT.

I love turning my team’s ideas into reality. It’s so satisfying to see a recruitment training storyboard evolve into videos and content that I know will help a recruiter / resourcer get more access to the training that they need.

Aerial arts and brain teasers

My biggest passion outside work is dancing and aerial arts. I spend a lot of time upside down and a few feet off the ground! You can often find me at my local pub quiz as well - I love a good brain teaser and I’m very competitive.

Kate Stevens