Best Adapt Training Tips for Recruiters

Adapt Hack - Improve your Candidate Attraction by 400%


This Adapt training tip is for perfect recruiters who need to prevent their candidates from working with other recruiters - and ultimately protect their sales pipeline

Candidate experience is at an all-time low of 60% “unhappy”. 

This 1-minute Adapt tip will help you to stay engaged with your existing candidates, so they don’t find another recruiter and mess up your pipeline (and make you swear!) 

(And there are LOADS more Adapt Training tips on our Recruitment HIIT on demand training platform. Click for a free trial.)

Improve Your Candidate Attraction by 400%

Recruiters love our monthly Adapt Training Tips – these 1-minute videos help you improve speed and sourcing. We know you need more time to bill! 

Why are you spending 1/3 of your week sourcing when you have enough data already - candidates are 4 x more likely to work with you if you give them interview feedback. 

The recruiters I train on Adapt love how the interview feedback feature helps them to create the best candidate experience. They love how this helps them to build candidates loyalty and protect their sales pipeline. 

  • Are you missing a vital opportunity to engage with your candidates and give them a first-rate experience?

  • Are you working in a candidate-short market, and feel like you’re sourcing all of the time?

  • Are you at risk of losing money to your competitors?

  • Perhaps you know that communication is the key to keeping your best candidates but you’re not sure when you should do it?

This Adapt tip will help you build and maintain relationships with your candidates - protect your candidates, your pipeline, and your salary! 

We LOVE this Adapt Hack, and when we show recruiters, it really helps them focus on what they need to do to recruit and sell more and gives them more of that critical phone and face time.  

Watch your 1-minute Adapt tip here and protect your candidate pipeline

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