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Recruitment Leaders! How Can You Enable Sales During this Crisis?


​Recruitment Leaders! It’s likely that with Covid you have had to be more innovative than ever, in order just to stand still. Recruiters being proactive, following business process, increasing their activity, and having a strong sales pipeline is more important than ever.

Take note of what Mckinsey says:

During the current crisis, businesses have worked faster and better than they dreamed possible just a few months ago. Maintaining that sense of possibility will be an enduring source of competitive advantage.

APSCo Insights Webinar - Back to Business Development

I chaired an APSCo webinar with:

We discussed what strategies and tactics do you need to develop during a time when change is constant? And when your staff, clients, and candidates are remote – “selling” seems harder than ever.

You need to enable sales. Gatherers need to be hunters. Account Managers likely need to develop new pipelines. Managers need to be able to review activity and need the tools to manage remote workers.

We discussed:

  • What does enablement mean to sales and recruitment?

  • Things have shifted - how has, and how will, the role of a recruiter change?

  • What needs to happen to the sales culture to enable sales?

  • How can we enable sales to be more effective marketers, to generate and convert more leads?

    1. Enable them through technology and automation

    2. Enable them through training when perhaps they have no time or resource

    3. Enable sales managers / leaders to monitor / control / be able to monitor productivity

The Covid crisis has created an opportunity to rethink, reskill, and revitalise how recruitment and sales are delivered. This is a great webinar to gain some practical tactics and ideas for how to compete in the new market.

Watch Here

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