How to Make Your Recruiter the Coolest Tool


Recruitment leaders want a sustainable recruitment business: high-performing trained recruiters, delivering profitable and speedy placements.

Recruiters need more time to bill, cleaner data, and engaged clients and candidates.

Recruitment leaders often ask me:

What are the coolest tools in recruitment?

My answer?

The coolest recruitment tool is the one that makes the placement - the recruiter.

The issue we have is that as an industry we seem to love investing in perceived cool tools - recruitment tech - but poor adoption means the tech fails to deliver. Not cool!

Your Recruiters Are Your Coolest Tool

As trainers in the recruitment sector, our experience gives us an invaluable view of the industry with its issues, goals, and ideal strategies. We offer recruiter training and tactics to help improve recruiter performance and recruitment tech ROI.

The one thing my clients have in common is they want to do more with less.

  • Less cost, more profit.

  • Less data, more placements.

  • Less systems, more process.

The stats below tell a powerful story about the need for your recruiters to be smart (and cool)!


How Can You Make Your Recruiters Your Coolest Tool?

As a recruitment leader, you want to place the candidates you already have. You want to reduce reliance on external systems, as well as reduce costs. You want your recruiters to be more productive. You want to scale your recruitment business without necessarily hiring more recruiters.


  1. Make it ok to be cool. Make it an accountability and / or a value to work smart and be "less is more"! You could even aim for a 1% improvement...

  2. Don't buy recruitment tech and "hope". Hope is a strategy that rarely works. Only continuous training drives continuous improvement.

  3. Continuous training needs to be quick (minutes not hours), accessible, and cost-effective. Not lengthy, difficult to access, difficult to track ROI.

Our Recruitment Training Playbook is Cool!

Your recruiters need to be super effective and not just crazy busy. You need to lead them to be cool tools!

Try our tips in our recruitment training playbook and make your recruiters cool! The playbook is packed full of ideas that we use in our recruitment training, our Bullhorn training, and our automation training.

And keep an eye out for the 2nd coolest tool - Recruitment HIIT. Speedy 10min turbo-charged training to help with recruitment best practice, Bullhorn training, Adapt Training, and more.


​Speaking of Recruitment Training...


Recruitment HIIT trains recruiters and resourcers so you can speedily onboard new starters, and improve performance of experienced recruiters.

Job qualification, screening, sourcing, job advertising, and counteroffer immunity, are just some of the 10-minute topics our clients love.

We’d love you to try Recruitment HIIT free.



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