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Have you heard about Bullhorn Automation's Calendar feature? It's pretty cool!

Meeting candidates and clients, either face to face or phone / video is a critical part of recruitment and sales, but damn, getting these meets booked can be time-consuming and resource-zapping.

Lisa and I chatted with Billy and Mandy from Bullhorn about the Calendar feature that is used within Bullhorn Automation and how it can help turbo your recruitment and sales process.

Calendar and Automation - WIIFM? (What's in it for me?)

This speedy 5-minute "smackdown" gives at least 9 tips to help you get more speed, more meetings, more sales.

  1. Speeding up screening

  2. Triggers to get your diary booked by who you want to talk to

  3. Reduce email fatigue

  4. Organising your recruiters and workflows

  5. Making yourselves available whilst also creating FOMO

  6. Great for international recruitment

  7. Make smaller recruiters just as competitive as bigger recruiters

  8. Enable a 24/7 offering without paying recruiter salaries 24/7

  9. Generating more website traffic

Watch Bullhorn's Automation and AI experts showcase the benefits of Calendar and Automation for Recruiters

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