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Automation Mythbusted - The Reality of Recruitment Automation


There are a lot of myths about recruitment automation, what it is, and how it's implemented. These myths prevent recruitment businesses who need to scale / grow / have head space / bill more, make real progress.

Read more, and watch our 5-minute mythbusting video for insight on the reality of recruitment automation and how it's a giant-killer, playing field leveller, and sales enabler.

​Recruitment automation (not to be belittled by the mere "marketing automation") is allowing many recruiters to save money, time, headspace, and...

  1. Weaponise their data.

  2. Speed up their placements.

  3. Sell more.

  4. Plus more...

But like all advances in tech, there are myths and legends which surround it.

Myths like:

  • It's a time-consuming beast of a project.

  • You need a full-time employee to implement it.

  • Once live it's a full-time job to manage it.

  • If you can't go "big bang", don't bother!

I chatted with Wayne (AKA "The Automator") and Jay (from Bullhorn) about these myths versus the reality. What is the reality of implementing recruitment automation?

Automation Myths... Busted!

We chatted about:

  • What really happens during an implementation?

  • What do you gain (and what do you lose) when you automate?

  • How can you start your project with a small number of powerful automations to give you breathing space and reduce reliance on expensive 3rd party systems like LinkedIn Recruiter and Job Boards?

  • What does a good "cadence" of automations look like?

This short myth-busting video is a must-watch for recruiters big, small, and cute, who need head space, easier and cheaper sourcing, reduced reliance on Linkedin and job boards, stronger pipelines, and happier recruiters.

Watch our "Automation - Mythbusted" Chat

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