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LinkedIn Tip - Lead Gen and More Sales in 1 Minute


​​​​I've got a cute 1-minute tip to generate leads with LinkedIn.

I genuinely think LinkedIn is a big dirty data dump. Many of my clients are wanting to reduce reliance on it, or at least get more value (rather than spend) from it.

In my LinkedIn HIIT course I give lots of hacks to help you focus your time and attention on quick wins, so you can get in, get out, and get back to recruitment.

One of my favourite tips is using LinkedIn to find easy leads in 1 minute a day.

LinkedIn Job Changes Hack!

If you've been following my other tips on HIIT, you'll know that spending 1 minute a day connecting with people in your niche is a good habit.

So, too, is checking your community and seeing if they are moving about, celebrating promotions, AKA giving you excuses to call them.

Make this a 1 minute a day habit too! And whilst you're doing this, look for opportunities to "weed" your community. People who have left it needn't take up valuable space in your network.



Watch my 1-minute LinkedIn tip - then go to Linkedin check your Celebrations page! Any leads there?

Watch My LinkedIn Tip to Get Some Leads

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