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Automation Tip - Meet Your CV Deadlines - Protect Your Sales


​​​I've got a deadline-smashing 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip to help you ensure your recruiters send their CVs by the deadlines set.

  • We know that recruitment is super-competitive.

  • We know that recruiters are time-starved and need to multi-task at alarming rates!

Missing out on a placement as you've missed the CV Submission deadline is silly, when tech can be your buddy and help ensure recruiters are organised and "on it"!

Use Automation to Ensure CVs Are Sent On Time, Every Time!

This 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip will flag when vacancies are at risk if they do not have enough submissions/shortlisted candidates assigned to it.

Let's find the jobs which need action, and alert recruiters to get sending their CVs.

This tip is great for leaders who want to:

  • Drive activity.

  • Improve productivity.

  • Protect (and increase) sales.

AKA - all leaders!

Watch My Bullhorn Automation Tip on How to Flag CVs to Send

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