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4 Things to Help Recruiters Bill More Sales


Every recruitment leader I speak to wants stronger pipelines, speedier placements, accountable recruiters, and more sales!

But often at least one of these 4 elements is a struggle. Here are my thoughts to help recruitment leaders connect their tech, people, data, and process to drive revenue.

Running a Recruitment Business Is a Struggle?

I often see recruitment businesses suffering:

  • Too much data, not enough information.

  • Too many applicants, not enough candidates.

  • Too many jobs, not enough placements.

  • Too many systems, not enough process.

This creates unnecessary lag, enables your competitors to win, and limits sales.

Now is the time to seriously accelerate effective tech adoption and improve recruiter performance.

But with world events, economic frustrations, tech evolving at an accelerated rate, and "new normal" changing every day, how do you do this?

1. Recruitment Tech: All the Gear, No Idea?

Technology can and should free up your recruiters and drive your business, but perhaps due to:

  1. Massively distracting market conditions and world events.

  2. WFH, hybrid, remote working.

... you're investing in tech which delivers little ROI, and may even be seen by your team as sales-prevention technology? Adoption is poor, and if you have 20 staff, you have 20 different ways of delivery.

For example, as part of one of our Bullhorn ROI projects my team reviewed a 25-person recruitment business with a tech stack costing £150k+.) The business wanted to be more effective at attracting, sourcing, engaging, converting, and retaining. They had some great tech, lots of data, and passionate recruiters… but poor adoption and no "way".

Tech has a job to do. Be clear on what that is and work to realise your expectations. But be careful not to spite yourself by turning tech off that hasn't been adopted correctly.

2. People: The Problem in Between the Chair and the Keyboard?

Are you suffering from PIBKAC?

Are your recruiters engaging with tech, driving sales, consulting in their space, or simply administrating?

Is your culture geared up to get the best from your people? Or does it drive PIBCAK?

Ask yourself - Is your recruitment training:

  1. Induction and "off you go" (high failure rate).

  2. Designed for robots - "they've been told once and need to remember" (hope is not a strategy).

  3. Continuous and part of your culture - they are only human and need constant development.

Hint - point 3 is the most successful antidote to PIBKAC. If you're struggling to adopt tech and drive sales, think about what you need to do to eradicate PIBCAK. Continuous training is way cheaper than very little training resulting in lots of missed opportunities and high attrition.

3. Data: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

What state is your data in?

  • Do you make money from it, or do you need to spend money finding it?

  • Do you have to advertise your jobs and waste cash on LinkedIn Recruiter to find candidates that you likely already have?

  • Are your recruiters data / community managers or just data collectors and hoarders? Is FOMO driving poor trust / data health / ROI?

Or is your Bullhorn system "1st" for sourcing and sales? Have you automated the administration and dirty data out of your business so your recruiters can thrive?

4. Process: Develop and Drive Your "Way"

What is your process? What is your "way"?

  • If you have 20 staff, do you have 20 ways?

  • If someone new joins do they find it easy to deliver your way, or is it not clear enough?

  • Does your tech and training drive your way, or contradict it?

  • Are you using automation to enable your way?

Is your process aligned with how tech has evolved and how the recruitment market has changed? Or is your recruitment and sales process reliant on the good will and skills of a few naturally gifted high performers?

Recruitment Leaders! Within a Year You Could...

​Now's the time to review your tech, people, data, and process.

Perhaps take one workflow at a time and tighten it up, or even innovate it. (My team can help you do this via a Bullhorn ROI project.)

Take each workflow and spend a couple of months driving it. How much more could you bill if you are smarter with your sourcing, BD, account management, and candidate management?

Start now, and within a year you could have it nailed!

Imagine what your business would be like now if you'd started this a year ago.

Imagine how you'll feel in a year if you don't do anything...

​Bullhorn ROI + Trained Happy Recruiters = More Sales

We help recruitment leaders achieve Bullhorn ROI. We create a Bullhorn1st vision, reduce the need for other tech, optimise Bullhorn, and train recruiters to trust it and use it.

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