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What Can Recruitment Leaders Learn from Homer Simpson?


This is a valuable read for recruitment leaders who want to grow their business through systems and data, as well as their people. (And want to avoid saying "Doh!")

Recruitment leaders investing in technology aren’t simply buying a handy tool. They’re investing in the sales pipelines and the future of their staffing companies too!

But how can you ensure that your CRM and /or automation tools deliver and don't just become data-comfort-blankets supported by expensive third-party systems like LinkedIn and job boards?

(And how do you not succumb to Homer Simpson's "dig up stupid" model...?)

CRM = Too Much Data = Sales Prevention

Traditionally recruitment CRMs have been datadumps with vast collections of candidates, contacts, jobs. They make it so easy to collect data, and hide it! They often turn well-meaning recruiters into administrators! (Doh!)

It's never been easier to collect data. But you don't get good boy/girl stickers for data - you get judged on your profit.

With the "too much data, not enough information" model, recruiters often have to wade through reams of data every day. It's paralysing and ironically prevents sales! (Doh!)

Hence, your CRM adoption, and how you automate your processes and create time for real recruitment has never been more critical.

But with the Bullhorn ROI and automation projects my team deliver, we often see a disconnect between data, people, and processes. It's almost like they all act independently of each other. (Doh!)

For example (Doh! x 3):

  1. 76% of the marketers we polled admitted not having viable access to their CRM.

  2. Recruiters we spoke to revealed that 80% of the placements they made were on their CRM all along (but sourced from a third-party system).

  3. Too many leaders I speak to want their recruiters to "get on the phone", but the volumes of data the recruiters have, and the systems they are not trained on makes this a chore.

This is definitely not the CRM1st approach we advocate. We advise monetising your data, automating your processes, and freeing up and training your recruiters to recruit and sell.

Alternatively, you can keep paying for LinkedIn premium licences and Job Boards. (Doh!)

Data - Dig Up Stupid!

Do you suffer from too much data, not enough candidates (or clients)? Try this simple data segmentation trick, or data layers “hack”. (I call it my "dig up stupid" model. Thanks Homer Simpson.)

CRM + Data + Automation = Sales-Enabled Recruiters

Look at your business - your systems - your data - your people. As yourself:

  1. How many candidates does your average recruiter need?

  2. How many contacts does your average recruiter need?

  3. How much data does your marketing / automation function need to nurture so your recruiters can focus on speedily converting / reconverting candidates and clients?

  4. Which processes can you automate to free up your recruiters to recruit?

  5. What training do your recruiters need to help them drive a sustainable pipeline?

Then flash forward 6 months. What do you want to see in your recruitment business?


  • Your "way" - your process, running on clean data...

  • Being driven by smart systems (and ideally automation)...

  • Being operated by trained humans.

Then flashback to today - what do you need to start doing now, so in 6 months you're not saying "Doh!"?

​Bullhorn ROI + Trained Happy Recruiters = More Sales

We pride ourselves on helping recruitment leaders achieve Bullhorn ROI. We create a Bullhorn1st vision, reduce the need for other tech, optimise Bullhorn, automate their sales-prevention processes and data, and train recruiters to trust it and use it.



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