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Bullhorn Tip - Convert Candidates to Sales Contacts


We​'ve got an easy Bullhorn 1-minute tip to help you easily get more sales leads. Nice!

Picking up the phone and building, driving, and monetising your relationships is key to a successful recruitment desk.

Cold calling is crucial of course... But warm calling may be better and more effective.

Question: How many candidates have you placed, or got interviews for, that you could work as sales contacts?

Likely plenty?

Easy Sales Leads for Recruiters

Focussing on the candidates you have helped and converting them into sales contacts is a must.

Using Bullhorn to do this makes this task a breeze!

Watch my 1-minute Bullhorn tip - then log in to Bullhorn and find your warm candidates. How many do you have? Which ones are your fans? Who can you call to get intel, referrals and leads from?

Watch My 1-Minute Bullhorn Tip to Help You Get More Sales Leads

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Recruitment Training

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