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We Helped ISE Generate More of the 4Cs...

ISE Partners are a close-knit team recruiting London's top business support staff, EAs and financial communications professionals.

They want to grow their recruitment business and wanted to understand where the gaps in their recruitment marketing were to help them drive growth. They needed someone to pin point areas such as SEO, blogging, job adverts process. They needed a recruitment marketing discovery to benchmark what they were doing and what they needed to do to help them grow.

We benchmarked them over 11 digital areas (including website, SEO, content, job adverts, social media, recruiter effectiveness), along with reviewing their competitors, and delivered a workshop of what we felt would be the perfect strategy for them to generate more of the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash. We are now delivering a 3-month mentoring plan to upskill their marketers and recruiters.

We Now Know How to Get ROI from Recruitment Marketing...

Eva Rode-Hilbert, ISE Partners

We want to grow our recruitment business.  

We wanted to know where the gaps in our recruitment marketing were.  We needed someone to pin point the areas we needed to improve, and we needed a clear level of detail to help us decide what we needed to do. Barclay Jones had delivered our Adapt training, and we knew that they were good at their own marketing as that’s how found them in the first place.

We really liked Barclay Jones’ action-focussed approach to recruitment marketing.  They benchmarked us, and helped us understand the results we could get.  They made what we needed to do clear and digestible.

Would I recommend Barclay Jones to other Recruiters? Yes, but not to our competitors!

We now have clarity about the way forward and how to get ROI from Recruitment Marketing.